Wedding Decorations in Nigeria: Pictures & Tips

Wedding decorations have advanced from been just a necessity to style statements. In the past, couples would just use novice decorators and whatever decorative material they could find however nowadays decorating the traditional, white wedding and reception venue is now the work of very professional talented decorators who charge heavily for their skills of making a wedding venue look like a fairytale venue.

If you can afford to hire a wedding decorator, then you will need sample decorations to choose from. Even though most decorators themselves have photo albums with decoration samples, they are usually limited and might not be what you want.

Wedding Decorations are very important and must resonate with the theme of the wedding for a perfect event. With the variety of wedding decoration designs available nowadays, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right one for your budget. To get your wedding decoration right, here are some tips to follow:

  1. Choose the Wedding Theme and Find a Decoration Design that fits it
  2. Choose simple designs or more complex designs based on what you want
  3. Decorations shouldn’t be too bright; they shouldn’t be too dull as well.
  4. Using several different colour combinations are good in traditional weddings while milder decorations are better in white weddings.
  5. Get information needed for decorations such as colours, special elements like arches, centrepiece ideas, etc.
  6. Get price quotes from various decorators for the design you want and go with the best.
  7. Seek advice from couples who have done it in the past as well as professional wedding decorators.

Overall, even though exquisite wedding decorations make your wedding look really nice and expensive, it is best to go for what you can afford that is still in line with your theme so that you don’t go bankrupt after the wedding!

We have compiled pictures of exquisite wedding decorations from Nigeria and other countries all over the world.

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