Top 10 Professional Photographers In Nigeria

Some have made it big in the world of photography with their explicit professionalism.

Below are 10 professional photographers in Nigeria.

  1. Obi Somto

Obi Somto was born on August 1, 1988, in Lagos and holds a degree in Banking and Finance from Babcock University. He is not just a photographer but is also into the art of drawing, painting, moulding and carving. He launched his career as a graphic designer and illustrator who brings a unique blend of experience, vision and distinction to his style of photography.

  1. Adeola Olagunju

AdeolaOlagunju is a rising photographer who lives and works in Lagos. Her works have been exhibited at Lagos Photo and she won the Young Artfund Amsterdam Award in 2013.

  1. Kelechi Amadi

KelechiAmadi-Obi is one of the most popular celebrity photographer in Nigeria. He holds a Law degree and his passion lies in full-time studio art.

  1. Aisha Augie-Kuta

Aisha Augie-Kuta won the Future Award for Creative Artist in 2011. She is based in Abuja and has a mixed-race, mixed-tribe experience.

  1. TY Bello

TY Bello is most recently known for bringing to limelight and transforming a bread seller, OlajumokeOrisaguna, to a model. She is a singer as well as a photographer.

She has a degree in economics from the University of Lagos and briefly practiced journalism before settling for photography.

  1. George Osodi

George Osodi is an internationally acclaimed photojournalist whose daring and honest images have changed the face of Nigerian photography.

  1. Ade Adekola

Ade Adekola creates visual representations that go beyond what the eye can see. His ground-breaking work, Icons of a Metropolis, captures the dynamism of urban life, re-imagining figures on the street as 20 character archetypes, ‘icons’, conceived to define the spirit of survival that fuels life in Lagos. His works are worth experiencing.

  1. JideOdukoya

Jide is a gifted and professional photographer. He combines his love of photography with creativity to produce impressive travel photos that will inspire you to travel.

  1. Andrew Esiebo

Andrew is a visual storyteller. He captures scenes from everyday life in the urban landscape, exploring how personal narratives interact with wider social issues. Esiebo’s work has been exhibited at Lagos Photo Festival, African Photography Encounters in Mali, and the Havana and Sao Paolo biennales.

  1. Moon Okon

Moon is not just a professional Photographer but also a Creative artist. He is a Graduate of Visual Arts and Technology, Cross Rivers State University of Science and Technology. He is also very good at Paper art. He also creates movie props and hopes to add furniture making into his list of creative works.


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