Best Pre-Wedding Pictures in Nigeria Collection

Pre wedding photos in Nigeria are the rave of the moment and it is very important to hire a good photographer to ensure you don’t waste money reshooting the pictures. Before hiring a pre-wedding photographer, there are a couple of things you should know:

Romantic Pre Wedding Photos

Romantic photos are best suited when you want to adequately capture the love you have for yourselves. A good photographer can create a story for the photo-shoot based on the couple’s desires, the place where the shoot takes place is also very important to accurately capture the romantic theme therefore only romantic places should be used.

You and your partner can decide to do the photo shoot at the place you first met, restaurants with romantic settings, bedrooms with candles and flowers and so many other places, it is only limited by your imagination.

Romantic Pre-wedding photos should remind the intending couple of the best times they have had together and should have natural un-faked emotions to make the pictures come out perfect with a good photographer’s touch. Here are some things to consider when planning to do a romantic pre-wedding shoot:

  1. Choose the Theme of the Shoot – In this case, Romantic
  2. Choose a good romantic location – Indoor, Outdoor or both
  3. Choose the props and accessories you desire
  4. Choose romantic outfits
  5. Choose the time for the shoot: Evenings are best for romantic shoots.
  6. Choose the Date for the shoot: Usually at least 3 weeks to the wedding

Funny Pre-Wedding Photos

If both of you are like to laugh a lot, then you can opt for funny pre-wedding photos. As with the romantic photos, for it to be successful, you need a couple of things such as:

  1. Funny Story – You can write your own funny script and act it out in the shoot or get ideas from funny shoots here and elsewhere on the internet and adapt it to suit your taste.
  2. Location: Any location can suffice depending on what your story is about, make sure you know what permissions you require before shooting in a public place.
  3. Choose the props and accessories needed based on your comedy storyline.
  4. Time: Daytime will be better for brighter shoots but night shoots can also work if your photographer has sufficiently powerful cameras and lighting equipment.
  5. Choose a date for the shoot and the outfits you need – The outfits should not be too formal to capture the comedy theme except your story is based on a formal topic.

Crazy Pre-Wedding Photos

Depending on the type of people you both are, you can decide to go all out and do a crazy shoot like the examples below, they are both hilarious and crazy at the same time. You guys can create a script together and act it out in the shoot, anything is welcome as far as no harm comes to anyone! Every other stuff such as location, time, date, outfits, props and accessories also apply here.

Multimedia Professionals Pre-Wedding Photos

Multimedia Professionals Limited shoots high-quality pre-wedding photos at very affordable prices, we offer high-quality photo editing, video shooting, video editing and other services to ensure that your wedding photos and videos are exactly as you want them.

Are you looking for pre-wedding photo shoot ideas for you and your soon to be spouse? Look no further, we have collected the best pre-wedding photos across various themes such as romantic themes, funny themes, action themes, crazy themes and more. You can choose any which suits you best or combine two or more themes to make your own special!

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