Naija Weddings – All the Things That Make Them Awesome

Nigerian wedding

Naija weddings are awesome, beautiful, elaborate sometimes and always fun to be at.Although, mostNigerians at weddings, are more concerned with the refreshment than the joining in holy matrimony.

There are some elements that make Nigerian wedding stand out and one of such is the Aso-ebi.

Aso-ebi are always sold by either the bride’s or groom’s family. There is something beautiful about stepping out to an occasion with a personal style. The good look and well- defined figure it shapes cannot be overemphasized. Although some of these materials are very expensive and overrated.

From the uniforms, you can identify the bride’s family, the groom’s family, the friends of the bride and many more. Aso-ebiare now important parts of a typical Naija wedding.

Aside the uniform is the dramatic entrance of the bride and groom which is now a trend at weddings. The bride and groom do their stepping and also their party train joins in this dance entrance.

Sometimes the bride sings and dances to her groom or the latter do the dancing. All these are meant to just spice up the wedding and entertain the guests at the wedding.

Refreshment is never enough no matter the time taken to plan; guests will still complain as critics are always everywhere to mouth lash your event.

Single ladies are not left out as they always look their best to be the next MRS. Most single ladies are always on a mission to get Mr. Right.

Naija weddings are always filled with the slayers, those who want to steal the show with their looks, many have succeeded in this.

The money sprayers are also there to flaunt their naira notes on the couple and whoever they see on the dance floor.

Naija weddings are dramatic, entertaining and the best.


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