Igbo Traditional Weddings; Interesting Facts and Pictures

Traditional Weddings in Nigeria differs from custom and beliefs and it is very important.

In Igbo land, the traditional wedding is referred to as the Igba-Nkwu which comes after the IkuUka. The IkuUka is the introduction where the groom’s family and the groom comes to the elders of the bride’s family with drinks and palm wine of which each keg is given to every elder of the bride’s family. This is done to show the intention of the groom.

The Igba-Nkwu follows after the Iku-Uka and the groom family comeback to the bride’s family to discuss the bride price after presenting all the items on the list given at the Iku-Uka.

The bride comes out three times when the bride price is settled. She first dances out to her maternal family, and then she comes out and dances to her paternal family. The third time she comes out, a cup filled with palm wine is given to the bride to show her husband. Her husband to be will hide somewhere and the bride-to be dances with the palm wine to locate him. When she finds him, he drinks the wine until the cup is empty; this is a sign that he accepts the lady completely. He then puts an amount of money inside the cup and they both dance to their parents for blessings.

After all these they become married traditionally.


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