10 Things To Know Before Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Most times couples get disappointed by their photographers on the day of their wedding. Everyone hopes to get married once and this must be a memorable experience. If our photographers do not meet up to expectation, we do not just discard the pictures and throw another wedding to get better pictures. Sometimes delivery is an issue as the pictures do not come on time, when they finally do, the quality will be poor.

To avoid such mishaps, you need to know the photographer you are about to hire for your pre-wedding pictures and your wedding.

A pre-wedding shoot captures the love-chemistry of a couple before the actual wedding. After the wedding, familiarity sets in and the love chemistry might change its colours. Obviously, the couples grow more intimate. However before the wedding their chemistry differed.

A pre-wedding shoot freezes special moments of love, stolen glances, feelings and emotions. Creativity is always at its peak as loverstry to recreate remarkable events during their courting and dating days, which will in no distant time be replaced by deeper intimacy. Pre- wedding shoot is now a tradition for most people in the world.

You really don’t want to hire just anyone for this job; you need to know who you are hiring.

Below are some of the things you should know before contracting that one photographer for your pre-wedding shoot and actual wedding.

  1. The background and credibility of your photographer-

You need to know who you are working with; you do not want to hire someone with bad reputation. Someone with a good background will coordinate himself properly and give you what you want. If he or she has a good educational qualification, that is an advantage. Go online, surf the internet, ask questions to know if you are about to hire a credible photographer, see works that have been done, make sure you are satisfied with all before you hire that one person that will freeze time and make it last.

  1. Photographed Events

Before you hire a photographer for your wedding, you need to know the number of events that he or she has worked on and his knowledge about your particular event.

  1. Fee and Delivery

Before hiring a photographer you need to know the fee and if you can afford it. Do not assume or estimate, be very sure so as to avoid embarrassment when the job is completed.

  1. Photographic Style

Every photographerhas a style that defines their work. You may have a different style in mind. Create your images within and tell the photographer the story you want to be told. The knowledge of art and lighting by the photographer will help to create a perfect image that will last through time.

  1. A substitute

Every photographer should have a replacement for every event for the sake of unforeseen circumstances. An assistant should also be available to take shots to perfect the event. Any photographer without the above should not be hired.

  1. Backup Equipment

You should know if the photographer you are about to hire have backup equipment because machine fail, cameras develop faults, and memory cards fail. Do not hire a photographer that will come to your event without backup equipment, any photographer that do not have this should not be hired.

  1. Expect unexpected costs when hiring

Be sure of what you are paying for and what it covers. Ask what your fee entails so as to avoid unexpected costs.

  1. Intangibles-

Presentation, punctuality, good reference and personality of any photographer are of importance. You need to know this before hiring.

  1. Don’t plan to pay cheap-

If you want professionalism, then be prepared to pay a good fee. The only lasting memories you will have after your wedding are the videos and pictures.  Do not budget less but more to get perfection.

  1. Hire a registered photographer and not just a freelancer-

You need to know where to direct matters and who to contact when your pictures are not delivered. Do not take chances by hiring anybody on the street that owns a camera.


These are vital things you need to know before hiring that photographer to tell your story.


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